Create the Backgammon Set of Your Desire

A Backgammon set can be bought, can be received as a gift, and can also be created. If you have the knack in carpentry or if you simply want to create something that you have never done before, then you should try creating your own Backgammon set. We will give you easy steps and tips on how you could create your own Backgammon set.

We want you to be ambitious, so you should be striving for the suitcase type of backgammon set. Do not worry or be overwhelmed by the task for it is fairly easy. Let us start with the biggest task which is the board itself. You need ten pieces of wood for this out of which two of these are supposed to be for the base, which means this is where you will place the Backgammon points. The other eight pieces of wood are rectangular in shape and should be thin and long, because they are used for the sides and so that the final Backgammon board will look like a suitcase. Glue or nail it all together and buy some hinges, which you will screw onto the connection point between the two thin rectangular pieces of wood. So that you can close your Backgammon suitcase-like board, you need to screw on a lock or lever, whichever you prefer. Do not forget to place a handle as well.

Now it is time to decorate you finished Backgammon suitcase, and since it is made out of wood, let us stick to typical wood designs. You can also glue leather of cushions on it, but let us concentrate on the simple wood board here. You can now paint it in any color you would like and start to paint the interior. Here you have two choices; either you paint the points on, or you cut them out from a preset template and glue them into the board. The first option is the better-looking one. Just make sure you are using very fine brushes so that nothing gets messed up.

Now that you are done with the essential item for the Backgammon set, we can move to the checkers. You can simply buy plastic Backgammon set checkers, or make them from wood, and if you want to even cheaper then you can just pick up some rocks and paint them black and white. The dice can be bought, but can also be made of the leftovers from the wood.

Now you have your very own wooden Backgammon set, you can start playing your favorite game or even make it a business, who knows, maybe they will be the hit in your town.