Man's Quest for the Best Backgammon Set

A wooden board with round counters, a dice, and a cup to throw them, are what makes up a Backgammon set. We all know how it looks like, and we all know how the best backgammon set is played. But just in case there are people from the far reaches of the planet that are reading this article, the story of the best backgammon set is a very interesting one.

The ancient Iran and Iraq was where it all started. It was brought across the globe through the travelling Arabs and the conquering Roman Empire. Many games have been introduced to the world from different cultures and nations but the Backgammon is one of the few that were left remembered until now. The simplicity of the game and the easy to learn rules makes the game very easy to understand and play, making it endure those changing times and tastes. Not to mention the game's adaptability to different situations that makes it easier to pass on to the next generation and transit through the ages. Transformation from stone to video game is one good indication of its durability and stability.

How can we say which one is the best backgammon set? Is it the stone, wood, glass, plastic or the virtual one? We know it depends on the player. Which is the best backgammon set for him? The best backgammon set would be the one that suits the needs of the one playing it.

The best backgammon set for the ancient man would be the roundest and the finest set made of stone. Based on archaeological findings, pebbles or smooth stones are collected from streams to serve as the counters. The dice could possibly be made from carved bone since it is easier to sculpt and very easy to find. Carved or painted piece of wood can be used as the board. The set is very easy to set up that the best backgammon set for the ancient man can be as simple as that.

Man, being very innovative as he was, may have evolved its main source of entertainment along with the ancient tools that he possessed. He learned pottery, thus, the evolution from stone to clay backgammon sets. Making a dice and counters out of clay would be easier than collecting round stones from streams or rivers. This also gave way to elaborate and more decorative sets. Thus, giving another idea on how the best backgammon set looks like.

Backgammon sets went out of the market at a cheap price. People who do not have any means to make their own set can afford to buy their own. During the medieval era, another perception of the best backgammon set went out and that was due to metal artisanship. They made metal sets to add some class into the tables of kings and aristocrats.

In the new era, the 21st century, backgammon left the tables and went to cyberspace. New sets were developed but this time, as software. The age of computer and the internet brought to life a new image of backgammon. And now, computer geeks and enthusiasts can play backgammon using the best backgammon set for them, which is 3D backgammon. Whether offline or online, backgammon really showed how it can adapt to changes made by society.