Order the Backgammon Set of Your Dreams

A backgammon set is not very hard to find. They are available in many toy stores, gambling specialty stores, and even in many novelty and antique shops. The easiest way though by which you can avail of a backgammon set is simply to order one. There are many different places to order a backgammon set such as from catalogues of your favorite home order company, from other people that you have interacted with on e-bay, or directly from an online shopping page.

There are many pages to order from such as specialty homepages that cater directly to the backgammon set aficionado. The next question is not to order right away, but which product and from which homepage to order the desired backgammon set.

There are different types of backgammon sets. There are wooden sets, with the wooden backgammon board, the wooden checkers, and the wooden dice. There are also themed sets such as a zebra design for the exterior of the backgammon board etc. The most interesting and also common backgammon sets are those which are concealed from the outside to look like something else, let us say it looks like a suitcase from the outside complete with handle and so on. The suitcase type is very common and is also ideal for travelling. Then we have ceramic or even ivory backgammon sets which are quite expensive and are usually designed to be a part of your room as an artistic piece. Talking about art, an artist recently created the first backgammon set made out of recycled glass, so be careful here when you start to play.

The backgammon board can be wood, can be made of velour or can be ceramic. It is your choice which of these you want to order. The velour is, beside the wooden backgammon boards, very popular. Here you have to be careful and inquire if the points of a backgammon set are printed on or simply hand sown. It might not be such a big difference for a newbie but for a true backgammon enthusiast it does.

The probably most foolproof place to order from might be a catalogue, but if you are more inclined to order from the internet, you should first browse your search in Google or Yahoo, then go for the sites that show the most hit or good reviews. If you want to order from other people who are selling their backgammon set, go to E-bay, but if you want to order from a place that gives you money-back guarantees etc, then go to Amazon.com, which is a very reliable site. They accept last name payment basis, credit cards and they can get the payment from your bank account as well.

Now you should be able to find the quality backgammon set to order from the person or provider of your choice. Be aware of who you are ordering from and make sure that the backgammon set is protected with warranties.

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