Backgammon Opening Moves for Sixes
Making the first move in a backgammon game shouldn't take too long that's why recommended opening moves for all 15 possible starting rolls were deduced. Five of these backgammon opening moves are for sixes. See the best moves for a six-one, six-two, six-three, six-four, and six-five combination and see which one's coined the lover's leap among them.

Backgammon Rules: Board Set Up
Backgammon board set up is one of the very first things you'll have to learn in the basics of backgammon. To set up your backgammon board you'll need your board and checkers. It may take some practice to memorize how to set up your backgammon board but it is really easy.

Backgammon Stage: Playing a Roll
Playing a roll can be tricky in backgammon scenarios when one player's interpretation of the rules is the opposite of the other player. Do away with the drama of dispute by knowing which number to use in a dice roll when each but not both represents a legal move. Also, see when playing one number as opposed to the dice combination is considered a no-no.

Chouette a Group Play of Backgammon
Chouette is a social games of backgammon. It is commonly played by members of gaming club usually in cafes or bars by 3 or more players. Group teamwork is essential in this game to beat the box.

Create the Backgammon Set of Your Desire
Wooden Backgammon sets can be made very easily, so that you do not need to spend any money on buying a Backgammon set. Simply prepare some slabs of wood, checkers, paint, and dices and you are ready to go.

Know the Steps to Set Up the Backgammon Board
The backgammon set up board is not really as complex as it looks. If you want to know how to arrange a backgammon board, there are some simple steps you need to know.

Man's Quest for the Best Backgammon Set
The best backgammon set evolved from the ancient times to the cyber era through sheer creativity and simplicity. It was elevated multiple times and passed on from generations to generations due to man's constant search for style and class. Whether on the ground, or over the internet, Backgammon will sure be there.

Order the Backgammon Set of Your Dreams
It is not always easy finding the right backgammon set to order. There are countless scams and you have to make sure that you get the best quality. Online pages such as Amazon, or E-bay might guarantee you such quality.

Right and Good Way to Learn Backgammon
A good way to learn backgammon for the beginners starts with these tried and tested tips. Eventually, one will develop one's own strategy in playing the game but despite this, it's always a good idea to keep reading up about the game for updates.

Splitting vs. Slotting Checkers in Backgammon
One of the difficulties that players will have to face when playing Backgammon for the first time is whether it is better to split checkers or use the rolls to slot in a point. Regardless of your skill level, knowing the opportune times to split or slot up in Backgammon is an aspect of the game that must be learned.

Take it Easy on the Greedy Bear-Off
If you're ahead in the race but the bear-off phase costs you the game, then you should take it easy on the greedy bear-off. It's important to know when you should land on a point on your home board rather than bear off a checker to maximize the use of backgammon dice rolls.

The 24/18 13/11 Opening Play in Backgammon
The 24/18 13/11 play is a favorite of backgammon players for the six-two opening roll. This is a powerful three-pronged play that puts pressure on your opponent. That having been said, always take account of the risk that comes with the advantages of this play for the backgammon opening roll.

The Possibilities That Backgammon Can Offer
Online Backgammon was first made in the 1990's. With the advancement of the World Wide Web, it also enabled backgammon to be offered to a lot of people. But as with any other gambling game, players should learn what they can about the game and practice.

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