Know the Steps to Set Up the Backgammon Board

There are relatively simple steps that can make you arrange a backgammon set up board. To initiate the backgammon set up, make sure that the board is unclasped and placed on a flat surface with a height visible enough for playing. Then, all you have to do is to make sure that you have the complete pieces of equipment. Hence, make sure that you have thirty discs (15 for each of the two colors), a board, two pairs of dice and a cup to shake them with. The doubling cube, used for betting, is optional.

As you open the board, you can see the different parts that comprise it. Also, decide which color you and your opponent want, and separate the discs accordingly. Then, to continue the process of backgammon set up, make sure to know these parts and where to put the pieces of the board.

For instance, the triangular parts, which are twenty-four all in all, are divided into two at each side. Make sure that the flat parts of the 12 triangles are the ones near you, with the pointed parts pointing at your opponent. Then, the board is vertically divided in half. The other is your home board, and the other is the outer board. Note that you and your opponent have your home boards on one side, i.e. when your home board is on the right; your opponent's should be on his or her left. Usually, players with uncolored discs have the home board on the right. The bar is the thick line that divides the home board and the outer board. The home board and the outer board have six points each.

The backgammon set up process requires you to put up fifteen discs on the proper positions. Firstly, place your five discs within your home board at the point nearest to the bar. Your opponent is also complied to do the same thing on his side. Therefore, your first five discs should be pointed at each other.

Then, to continue the backgammon set up, place two of your discs on the point farthest from the bar on your opponent's side, but within the home board. Then, place your five discs on the point within the outer board and farthest from the bar but on your opponent's side. Lastly, place three discs on the point within the outer board and second nearest from the bar but on your side. Your opponent is obliged to mirror your initial positions. Hence, the complete backgammon set up is when you see all thirty points on the board with each disc mirroring each other.

To completely help you with a backgammon set up, it is best to consult an image of a backgammon opening board. It is not that complex to set up the board, give it a few times and you'll get the hang of it. All you have to do is to have the complete backgammon equipment, be aware of the parts of the board and know where to put the discs.

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